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  • So You Thought Most Plantations
    Were Just about the Same, Did Ya?

  • SLAVERY: What We Never Learned in School

  • The Impact of Slavery on Today’s Women

  • How America Still Is Being Affected:
    Relics of the Past and EEO

  • What You, as America’s Youth, Should Know
    (tailored to any age group)

  • The Beginnings of Entrepreneurs after Emancipation

  • Slave Men and the “Willie Lynch Speech”
    -- Myth or Fact

  • JUNETEENTH  (Freedom Day)

  • Religion as Practiced before Emancipation

  • Slave Names and the Separation of Families

  • The Civil War from the Slaves’ Viewpoints

  • and custom-tailored topics

Partial List of Engagements  |  PHOTOGRAPHS  |  Fees

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