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Donna Wyant Howell was born in upper-state New York and raised in North Carolina, where she graduated with highest honors from a renown prep school run by nuns.

Howell graduated with high honors from Howard University in Washington, DC and began her first freelance career at the age of 19.

Instead of attending her graduation ceremonies at Howard University, she went to an interview and immediately was hired that day by FOX television, where she was assigned to the news department.

“My experience at FOX was certainly exciting. I remember Madu Damania, the producer, shouting 'Get the lead out, people!' as (the now-famous) Maury Povich was feverishly writing copy for the newscast and (the now-famous) Connie Chung, a brand-new reporter, was racing past my desk on the way to cover a story. Channel 5 is where I learned to work on several projects simultaneously, perform very well, and finish in minutes instead of hours.”

She left FOX in order to work in the communications department of the executive offices of the Marriott Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland, where she was in charge of an international program and company-wide promotions.

“I really enjoyed working at Marriott because I was given so much flexibility and significant responsibilities. At first, I created scripts and produced promotional materials. Later, I became the national director of a program for Marriott Hotels. I reported directly to J.W. Marriott and frequently was his ghostwriter. He gave me extensive leeway and I often served as his full-authority proxy for special projects in meetings with the heads of his departments.”

The National Academy of Sciences

Next, Ms. Howell became an editor and production manager at the National Academy of Sciences. She handled publicity worldwide.

“I edited news releases and wrote background information for television and radio reporters for their broadcasts. I enjoyed coordinating conferences for the national and international broadcast and print media. Those experiences have greatly aided me in my current endeavors.”


She resigned from the NAS in order to began her own business career in the Washington, DC area. She provided editing, publication, promotion, publicity, and project management and coordination services.

A few of her clients:

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
US Government Printing Office (GPO)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Marriott Corporation
District of Columbia Government
Howard University
University of the District of Columbia
George Washington University
The Congressional Black Caucus
US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
(now renamed)
US Department of Transportation (DOT)
US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
DC Metropolitan Police Department
Upper-level campaign staff for President Jimmy Carter, four Congressmembers, three mayors, members of the Council of the District of Columbia, members of county councils in nearby states, and other politicians
dozens of businesses, organizations, and individuals

After almost two decades, Ms. Howell informed her clients that she no longer would be working for them after one more year. She took that time to find suitable replacements and suggested them to her clients so that she could work solely on her own projects.



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